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Saba Shines at Caribbean Week in New York, Showcasing the Best of the Island

Saba - Saba Tourism Bureau is proud to announce its successful participation in Caribbean Week, a prestigious event organized by The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO). Held in New York, Caribbean Week serves as a platform to celebrate the vibrant Caribbean culture, foster media engagement, promote thought leadership, and encourage networking within the tourism industry. Saba made a resounding impact during the event, with a strong presence at the Media Marketplace and compelling highlights that captivated attendees.

The Media Marketplace, a key component of Caribbean Week, provided Saba with a unique opportunity to connect with trade, consumer, and diaspora media. Over 12 appointments were scheduled for Saba, allowing representatives to engage in meaningful discussions with media professionals. Saba was proudly represented by the Director of Tourism, Malinda Hassell and Diamond PR CEO, Jody Diamond (Saba’s North America PR Firm).

During the Media Marketplace, Saba showcased a wide range of highlights, including exciting news and offers, unique products, sustainability efforts, upcoming events, essential quick facts, and convenient ways to access the island. This comprehensive overview ensured that media attendees received a comprehensive understanding of Saba as a destination and the unparalleled experiences it offers to travelers. The Media Marketplace served as a platform to provide exposure and update travel media on Saba's incredible attractions and opportunities.

The enthusiastic response from media attendees has ignited great anticipation for future

opportunities. Diamond PR, in collaboration with Saba Tourism Bureau, will carefully evaluate the media feedback and explore potential press trips to the island, along with advertising opportunities. This concerted effort aims to showcase Saba's natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality to an even broader audience, positioning the island as a must-visit destination for discerning travelers.

Saba Tourism Bureau extends its s gratitude to The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) for organizing Caribbean Week and providing a platform to highlight the diverse beauty of the Caribbean region.

As Saba continues to carve its place on the global tourism map, Saba Tourism Bureau remains committed to providing extraordinary experiences and promoting sustainable travel. The island's participation in Caribbean Week signifies a milestone in its journey and serves as a catalyst for further growth and development within the tourism industry.

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Saba has come a long way. Years ago, you couldn’t even find it on a map. My dad would be so proud. Thank you for all you do.

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