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Saba Showcases its "Unspoiled Queen" Charm at the Travel & Adventure Show-NYC

Saba Tourism Bureau participated at the Travel & Adventure Show held in New York City on January 27 – 28, 2024. Alongside the St. Eustatius Tourism Board, Saba showcased its breathtaking landscapes, unique experiences, and island product offerings, which captivated the hearts of travel enthusiasts and professionals alike.


With over 20,000 attendees, including press, travel advisors, and industry experts, the event provided an exceptional platform for Saba to shine. The Saba booth, led by Malinda Hassell, Director of Tourism, and Alexis Wildgoose-Charles, Product Development Coordinator, attracted attention with its compelling representation of the island's natural beauty and diverse offerings.


The focus was on portraying Saba as more than just a hiking and diving destination. It aimed to showcase the island's rich cultural heritage, eco-tourism initiatives, and convenient transportation options, including daily direct flights from St. Maarten and weekly ferries from partners Makana Ferry & The Edge, also the day trip options and island-hopping opportunities. 


"This show was a fantastic opportunity for us to connect with travelers and industry professionals from the vibrant New York area," said Malinda Hassell, Director of Tourism. "We're committed to showcasing Saba's charm, enhance our destination awareness and create memorable experiences for visitors."


Building on this success, Saba Tourism Bureau, in collaboration with the St. Eustatius Tourism Board, is gearing up for the upcoming Travel and Adventure Show in Atlanta, scheduled for March 9 – 10, 2024. Saba Tourism Bureau remains dedicated to spreading awareness about the serene and enchanting island of Saba.

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