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Saba Tourist Bureau attends the Atlanta Travel & Adventure Show

The Saba Tourist Bureau, in collaboration with the St. Eustatius Tourism Bureau, attended the Travel & Adventure Show in Atlanta. The event, which spanned two days, saw enthusiastic participation from travel aficionados, media, and travel agents, as they discovered more about what Saba has to offer.


Visitors to the Saba booth were treated to a comprehensive insight into the island's offerings, including the activities, accommodations, and transportation options. From thrilling outdoor adventures to serene relaxation spots, attendees were captivated by the diverse experiences that Saba has to offer. Additionally, they received valuable information on island-hopping opportunities facilitated by our connectivity partners.


One of the highlights was the convenient direct flights from Atlanta to St. Maarten, which serve as a gateway to hop over and explore Saba. The strategic positioning of Atlanta as a prime hub for travel creates an ideal platform for spreading awareness about Saba's unique attractions and fostering increased visitor engagement. This marked the first time participating in the Atlanta Travel & Adventure Show, signaling a significant milestone in expanding the island's presence in key markets.


Adding excitement to the event, visitors had the opportunity to sign up for a chance to win enticing prizes generously sponsored by Cottage Club, Makana Ferry Service, and Sea Saba.

Representing the island was Malinda Hassell, Director of Tourism, and Stephanie Peterson, Tourist Bureau Receptionist.


Commenting on the participation, Malinda Hassell stated, "The Atlanta Travel & Adventure Show provided an invaluable platform for us to showcase Saba's unique charm and adventure opportunities to a diverse audience. We are thrilled by the enthusiastic response received and look forward to welcoming more travelers to experience Saba firsthand. These shows not only allow us to showcase our island but also provide invaluable insights on how to effectively represent and promote Saba. The island continues to captivate travelers' interest, the Saba Tourist Bureau remains focused on positioning the island as a premier destination for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts in our key source markets."

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