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Saba Tourist Bureau Celebrates Creativity: Announces Winners of Saba Photo Contest and Island Reels Youth Competition

The Saba Tourist Bureau is delighted to unveil the talented winners of the recently concluded Saba Photo Contest and Island Reels Youth Competition. The contests, which drew participation from individuals ranging from 11 to 70+ years old, captured the beauty and essence of Saba through the lens of creativity. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this was proven once again through Saba’s creative eyes.

The Saba Photo Contest, with nearly 70 stunning entries, showcased the diverse perspectives of our community members on the island's captivating landscapes, cultural richness, and unique offerings. Participants competed in seven vibrant categories: Flora & Fauna, Arts & Crafts, Architecture, Underwater, Dining, Island Beauty, and Events.

The Island Reels Youth Competition, an initiative that spotlighted the creative prowess of our current and former high school students, received seven captivating entries. This competition aimed to highlight the beauty of Saba's scenic landscapes and cultural heritage through the lens of our talented youth. The winners of the contests were awarded a variety of exciting prizes generously provided by our sponsors. Prizes included round trip tickets on WinAir, and the Makana Ferry, a Galaxy phone from SATEL N.V. and Amazon gift cards. In addition to these prizes, each photo competition winner received a framed glossy print of their winning capture. We would like to take this time to thank our sponsors for seeing the value in engaging the community creatively and providing top prizes for the winners.

"We were thrilled to witness the incredible talent that surfaced through these competitions, It truly reflects the diverse beauty that Saba has to offer. The success of these competitions has inspired us to continue hosting more creative events in the future, with the aim of discovering and promoting the next generation of creators and media enthusiasts," said Alexis Charles, Product Development Coordinator at the Saba Tourist Bureau.

Winners for each category below:

Photo Competition Professional Category:

1st Place - Susan Koelega - Flora & Fauna

2nd Place - Dr. Dev Sainani - Island Beauty

3rd Place - Chad Nuttall - Underwater

Photo Competition Amateur Category:

1st Place - Julio Every - Island Beauty

2nd Place - Lenroy Sutherland - Flora & Fauna

3rd Place - Lisette Riley - Architecture

Youth Island Reels : Youth Competition Winners

1st Place - Greco Bautista

2nd Place - Anisa Heyliger

3rd Place - Bea Durand

We'd like to thank all our contestants for participating and look forward to the next competition.

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