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Saba Tourist Bureau Launches 'Faces of Saba'

SABA - The Saba Tourist Bureau is delighted to unveil its latest project, 'Faces of Saba,' a captivating series of short clips shedding light on dynamic personalities in the private sector. This initiative presents a glimpse into the lives of 11 exceptional individuals, each contributing their unique touch to Saba's tourism landscape.

'Faces of Saba' showcases a diverse array of professions, that directly and indirectly shape Saba's tourism industry. Through a series of engaging clips, these remarkable individuals offer firsthand accounts of their roles, detailing their daily jobs and their passion. Each individual also provides a message about why you should visit the island and experience the island's charm firsthand.

"This project is not just a collection of clips; it's a testament to the diverse professions that are integral to the success of our tourism industry," shared Malinda Hassell, Director of Tourism. "Through 'Faces of Saba,' our aim is to shine a light on these professions, fostering awareness within our local community and inspiring our youth with the possibilities within our tourism sector. By sharing the compelling narratives of these exceptional individuals, we hope to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the collective efforts that shape Saba's tourism environment."

'Faces of Saba' will premiere every Thursday on the Saba Tourist Bureau's social media channels, in addition to the official YouTube channel.

The Saba Tourist Bureau extends its heartfelt gratitude to the exceptional collaborators whose unwavering dedication and passion have brought the first edition of 'Faces of Saba' to fruition. They include: Jennifer Johnson (Harry L. Johnson Museum), Miranda Simmons (Major Osmar Museum), Rubia Marten (Dimples Restaurant), Dahlia Hassell Knijf (DCNA), Otto de Vries (Sea Saba), Joshua Holm (Lady Carolina), Luke Hassell (Forest Restoration Officer), Hanneke Magee-Quist (Juliana’s Hotel), Angelita Peterson (Local Artist), Peddy Johnson (Taxi Driver), and Agnes Hassell (Aspiring Chef).

This week's episode: Otto de Vries

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