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Saba Tourist Bureau Strengthens Regional Ties with St. Maarten Familiarization Trip

To enhance regional collaboration and showcase Saba's unique offerings to our tourism partners, the Saba Tourist Bureau organized a St. Maarten travel agent familiarization trip. This initiative aimed to ensure that our neighboring partners are well-informed about the diverse attractions and experiences Saba has to offer.

During the familiarization trip, St. Maarten travel agents from Maduro Travel, Divaza Tours & Travel, and Saint Martin Voyages Agence had the opportunity to conduct site inspections of various properties on the island, indulge in Saba's gastronomy, and receive updates on the Saba’s tourism products. The Daily Herald also joined the trip, providing comprehensive coverage and a review of Saba's gastronomic delights and tourism offerings.

As the Saba Tourist Bureau looks ahead to 2024, we look forward to continue to expand these collaborative initiatives with our regional partners. By fostering relationships with travel journalists and engaging with travel agents from neighboring destinations, we aim to position Saba as a must-visit destination in the global travel landscape.

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