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#SayNOtoVAPING campaign in Sacred Heart School

The Community Development and Culture and Public Health and Sports Department have launched the Vaping campaign “SayNOtoVAPING” in grade 6 of the Sacred Heart School this week. Community Outreach Coordinator Kemaul Lee and Public Health Promoter Allan Carolina are at the forefront of this endeavor, aiming to inform and empower youths about the risks associated with vaping.

The information sessions highlight key topics, including understanding what vaping is and its negative effects on health. Grade 6 students also participated in a real-life scenario to teach them the tools they need to avoid peer pressure and to communicate their personal decisions.

After the session, the class voted on 2 youth ambassadors who will help to spread the information and skills developed in the “SayNOtoVAPING” campaign.

The “SayNOtoVAPING” campaign ensures a sustained effort to raise awareness and promote informed decision-making. Youth, parents, and the community are urged to participate actively and unite in saying “no to vaping.” Together, let’s build a healthier and more informed community where individuals can make choices aligned with their well-being.

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