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Six youngsters in this year’s summer job program

Six youngsters are taking part in this year’s summer job program, working for six weeks at the different departments of the Public Entity Saba.

Dareno Gomez, Tyreke Hassell, Vernisha Robinson, Tara Zagers, Nathaniel Johnson, and Seth Liburd all finished high school and wanted to do something useful during the summertime while at the same time learning new things, developing themselves, and earning a salary too. The youngsters did not all start at the same time with the majority starting a few weeks ago.

Tyreke Hassell works at the Laura Linzey Day Care Center and he loves it. “I like working with small children. They give you lots of energy and I enjoy it a lot when they learn new things. For example, this week they learn about the weather, the clouds, the rain, the difference between a cloudy and a sunny day, a hot and a cool day,” he said.

Vernisha Robinson works at the Tourism Bureau. “I like the atmosphere with my co-workers. I love receiving visitors and I enjoy sharing the activities and all the wonderful things that they can do while visiting my island,” she said.

Dareno Gomez still has to start his summer job, but he is very much looking forward to his job at Waste Management/the Sanitation Department. “I like to be active, have something to do, and make sure the place is clean. I will be helping on the trucks to collect trash, sweep the road, and assist at the Waste Management Facility,” he said.

“These young people are very motivated and talented,” said Head of the Human Resources Management Department Brenda Tjipjes. “This is not only a working experience for them, but it also gives them the opportunity to see if they like working for the Public Entity Saba,” she said.

The youngsters have been doing very well, said Tjipjes. One of the interns, Tara Zagers, will even be staying longer at the Human Resources Management Department: she was offered a six-month contract. Nathaniel Johnson is sharing his talents between two departments, ICT and Legal & Safety. Seth Liburd is good with figures and has been a great help at the Finance Department.

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