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Stand Up for Pink: Harbor Employees wear Pink Polo for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In a noteworthy initiative, employees at Saba harbor will be wearing pink polo shirts every Friday throughout the month of October. This act is dedicated to honoring women battling breast cancer, as well as those who have tragically lost their lives to this devastating disease.

A Symbol of Solidarity

The color pink has been universally embraced as a symbol of breast cancer awareness. The pink polo shirts serve as both an emblem and a pledge, a simple yet impactful way to highlight the community's collective fight against breast cancer. "Pink is more than just a color; it's a banner of unity, courage, and hope," said Travis Johnson, Harbor Master.

Spreading the Message

"We will wear the pink polo shirts proudly," confirmed Johnson. "This initiative aims to honor all the women who are courageously battling breast cancer and to memorialize those who have succumbed to it. Breast cancer is a severe illness, and it's vital to stand united with those affected by it. We want everyone impacted to know that we have their backs."

This initiative's dual purpose serves as an educational drive and a show of support, amplifying the community's ongoing commitment to support those affected by breast cancer.

The Power of a Simple Gesture

The harbor team believes that while wearing pink polos may appear as a small act, it holds significant meaning for those touched by breast cancer. "Our pink polos will undoubtedly bring a smile to many faces affected by this illness," Johnson stated. "A small gesture can make a big difference."

Team Effort

Success in such initiatives comes from teamwork. Harbor Master Johnson extended his gratitude, saying, "A heartfelt thank you goes to the harbor team for standing together in this fight against breast cancer."

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