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State Secretary of Justice and Security visits Saba

State Secretary of Justice and Security, Eric van der Burg, arrived on Saba for a working visit on Friday June 7, 2024, along with the Director of Migration Policy, Sietske Duller, and Policy Coordinator, Tizia Lemmer.

During his time on the island, he met with Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Island Secretary Bram Streppel, and Head of Public Order and Safety Walle Bos, to discuss key issues pertinent to Saba’s security, such as cooperation on border and migration management with neighboring countries and the finalization of the Integral Beleidvisie Migratiebeleid 2035.

This migration policy covers many aspects and was approved by the Executive Council in April 2024, outlining a tailored migration policy that considers population growth, economic diversification, and tourism development.

The delegation also met with members of the local Operationeel Vreemdelingenketenoverleg (Operational Immigration Chain), including employees of PES and local IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) and SZW (Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment) staff, to discuss migration management.

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