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Successful second vaccination round

Saba successfully completed its second COVID-19 vaccination round earlier this week. In total, 1,300 adults were vaccinated for the second time, while 42 adults received their first vaccination.

In the first round of vaccination late February, 1,333 adults were inoculated with the Moderna vaccine. In the second round late March, the total number was slightly less, with 33 persons being unable to make it for different reasons. “We expect many of them to come for their second vaccination at the catch-up round at the end of April,” said Head of the Public Health Department Dr. Koen Hulshof.

At the end of the second round, there are now 1,375 persons who have received at least one vaccination. More than 85 percent of Saba’s adult population is now fully vaccinated, which is a very high percentage. “I am very content with the high turn-out,” said Dr. Hulshof, who thanked the entire vaccination team for doing a great job. The team again received many compliments for the effective and friendly vaccination process.

The high coverage means that the plans for a partial reopening of Saba per May 1 can proceed. Per May 1, vaccinated persons no longer have to quarantine upon entering the island, while non-vaccinated incoming persons will have to quarantine for a shorter period.

As expected, the second vaccination caused more people to experience the regular side-effects which lasted 1 to 2 days. The side-effects fit with the immune system being at work. Dr. Hulshof said he was glad that the reported side-effects didn’t keep people from getting their second dose because getting fully vaccinated is an important tool in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The high vaccination coverage on Saba combined with growing evidence that vaccinated persons are much less infectious gives us more confidence in reopening Saba in a safe manner,” said Dr. Hulshof.

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