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The Youth Council looks back on a wonderful week in the Netherlands and a fruitful working trip

On their last day, the Youth Council had a High Tea in the city of Rotterdam together with WeConnect Tanja Fraai and Fouzia Kassi. Fouzia and Tanja gave a workshop to the group on protocol at the Ministries and communication. They also introduced WeConnect and what WeConnect does and can do for Saban students in the Netherlands. Together, they spoke further about study choices, living in the Netherlands, and life on Saba. In the evening, ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen and colleagues from the Kinderombudsman took the Saba Youth Council out for dinner on the beach in Scheveningen. "Looking back, it was a jam-packed and very good working visit for the Saba Youth Council. One of the main goals of this visit was to lobby for a more structurally embedded basis of the youth voice and to turn this trip for the Saba Youth Council into an annual tradition that will be available for all future youth councils. They achieved this goal through the expressed commitment of state secretary Van Huffelen, UNICEF, and the Public Entity Saba. The other reason for the working trip was information exchange, learning, and development. The shared workshops more than achieved this with the Utrecht Young Minds youth council, the Unicef workshop, and the session with WeConnect." Said the Saba Youth Council. The Youth Council would like to thank UNICEF, the Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba, and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations for this unforgettable week. "This truly was a week that we will remember for the rest of our lives," said the Saba Youth Council.

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