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Tourist Bureau launches ‘Find Yourself in Saba’ campaign

Answering the increasing demand for travelers in search of off-the-grid, eco-friendly destinations, Saba is playing into its serene nature and under-the-radar location, inviting guests to #FindYourselfInSaba.

As part of the new marketing campaign Find Yourself in Saba, the Saba Tourist Bureau will be present at the upcoming Adventure show in Toronto, Canada from February 24-26, and participating at the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta with a booth from March 2-5.

At the show in Toronto and at the regatta in St. Maarten, there will be a scan-and-win action, in which people can participate to win prizes such as hotel night stays, art workshops, diving, rum tasting and day trip packages. The scan-and-win action is sponsored by the on-island partners Juliana’s Hotel, Tropics Café, Sea Saba, The Studio, Saban Rock Living, Aqua Mania Adventures, Makana Ferry and WINAIR.

Participants at the upcoming Regatta will also find out more about the Regatta booking specials.

Secret getaway

Saba will be branding Find Yourself in Saba in the coming period in all its destination marketing promotional assets and actions. The island has been recently featured in Destination I Do, Drift Travel Magazine,, and the Canadian TV show The Social. Saba is highlighted as a secret getaway and the hidden island in the Caribbean that checks all the boxes for 2023’s top travel trends. This provides great exposure and awareness for the island, said Saba’s Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell. In addition

Saba is featured in the inflight magazine editions of WINAIR and the St. Barth Commuter which features the island as a “truly majestic” destination. Saba is working closely with its counterparts to explore possibilities of collaborations and partnerships in various areas. This fortifies the ties with the region and benefits inter-island initiatives.

Much more

“Saba was previously mostly known to steadfast hikers and divers. But as more travelers yearn for unique destinations that boast a variety of wellness, creativity, adventure, boutique and eco-friendly options – to name a few – we’d love to welcome them and show that our island is so much more than meets the eye,” said Malinda Hassell.

“We’re excited to see travelers ‘find themselves’ in Saba, and hope to spread word of our beloved, spectacular island one visitor at a time. The island invites travelers to #FindYourselfInSaba - both literally and figuratively,” said Hassell.

Visitors can share their amazing Saban experiences by tagging @SabaTouristBureau and #FindYourselfInSaba.

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