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Town hall meeting - Saba's Volcano

We would like to thank everyone for coming out last night to get informed and ask your questions about Saba's volcano.

There were two questions that we did not get to answer; please see the answers below. Also, we will publish our evacuation plan soon.

1. If one of the solar panels stops working, is there a backup power connected to continue collecting data?

“Yes, power is stored on-site using 6 large capacity batteries.”

2. Could Saba's volcano produce an eruption comparable to the devastating eruption in Montserrat?

“Yes, Saba’s volcano is comparable to Soufrière Hills on Montserrat as both are formed due to the same subduction process (the movement of the American plate under the Caribbean plate). However, such an eruption would not happen from one day to the next. There would be a build-up phase as there was for Soufrière Hills when it re-awakened. Currently, there are no signs that the volcano on Saba is increasing its activity.”

Here's the link to the form to fill in when you feel an earthquake

KNMI hopes to have this form available in English soon and more specific for the BES added to the website. Now you need to use “0000 BQ” as the postcode.

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