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Tropical Storm Philippe Update

We would like to inform you of the latest developments regarding the evolving weather situation:

During the evening and night, there still remains a possibility of heavy rain and thunderstorms. However, as the night progresses, the risk of such weather conditions is expected to decrease.

Looking ahead to Wednesday morning and afternoon, the forecast is much more favorable. We are not expecting heavy rain during this time, and the weather warnings will end.

All schools and Public Entity will reopen tomorrow morning. However, due to the Public Entity servers being shut down during the storm, not all public services at the Government Administration Building can be provided first thing. We expect to restore full services again no later than 1:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.

All flights are scheduled as normal. Ferry service is expected to resume as well. But please contact the service to confirm the schedule.

The harbor will also reopen. However, the clean up at Fort Bay will be ongoing, so please proceed with caution when traveling to and through the harbor area.

We thank you for your patience and vigilance during this unpredictable storm.

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