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Tropical Storm Tammy - Update 2

We would like to inform you of the latest update concerning Tropical Storm Tammy.

As of the 5:00 PM update, Saba is still under a Tropical Storm Watch. There has been little change in strength, but gradual strengthening is expected to begin Friday and continue into this weekend. Total rainfall is anticipated to be 1-3 inches with tropical storm winds. The storm surge is expected to be 1-3 feet above normal tide levels.

Please take the next 24 hours to prepare for Tropical Storm Tammy by securing items around your home and business, including your garbage bins, furniture, building materials, and large waste items.

We will continue to monitor the weather updates, and we encourage you to stay connected to Facebook and WhatsApp for any further updates or advisories.

To view the latest updates on TS Tammy, you can also visit the National Weather Service website at:

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