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Tropical Storm Tammy - Update 3

Public Entity would like to advise of the latest update on Tropical Storm Tammy.

As of the latest update, Saba remains under a Tropical Storm Watch. Tropical Storm Tammy has slowed and the projected track shifted slightly east since the last update. From early Friday evening through Saturday night there will be tropical storm winds 25-30 mph (40-48 kph) with a high chance of wind speeds increasing to 39-46 mph (62-74 kph). Rainfall will gradually develop Friday afternoon and continue through Saturday. The possible rainfall amounts are 4-8 inches during this time. This enhances the risk of rock and mudslides in certain areas. Wave heights are likely to increase to 5-8 ft from Friday morning, possibly peaking up to 8-10 ft Friday afternoon and on into Saturday.

We will continue to monitor the weather updates, and we encourage you to stay connected to Facebook and WhatsApp for any further updates or advisories.

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