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Voting Bureau Public Entity Saba Verifies EU Election Results

On Thursday June 6th, 2024, 156 out of 915 eligible voters on Saba cast their vote towards the European Parliament Elections. This is an increase from 12% in 2019, with a number of 113 out of a possible 908 voters, to 17% for this year. Of the 156 votes casted this year, one vote was invalid.

The results were as follows:

D66 – 73 votes

Groenlinks/PvdA – 32 votes

PVV – 13 votes

VVD – 8 votes

Volt – 7 votes

Partij Voor de Dieren – 5 votes

Socialistische Partij – 4 votes

BBB – 3 votes

NSC – 3 votes

CDA – 2 votes

ChristenUnie -2 votes

Forum voor Democratie – 1 vote

Meer Directe Democratie – 1 vote

Piratenpartij-De Groenen – 1 vote

Notably, of the 73 votes for D66, 62 were for State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitalization, Alexandra van Huffelen.

The results were verified in a public meeting on Friday June 7th, 2024 by the Voting Bureau Public Entity Saba (Stembureau Openbaar Lichaam).

Voting continued throughout the European Union countries until Sunday June 9th, 2024.

The official Dutch results were announced on Sunday evening with Groenlinks-PvdA becoming the biggest Dutch party in the European Parliament with eight of the thirty-one Dutch parliamentary seats. PVV obtained six seats and D66 secured three seats, two more than the last EU elections. Voter turnout for the Dutch elections was approximately 46%, five percent more than 2019 and the highest figure since 1989.

Projections based on final and provisional results show the center-right European People’s Party (EPP) remaining the biggest group, with an estimated 186 of the 720 seats in the European Parliament. Despite this increase in support for the far right, about two-thirds of the Dutch voted for a party that favors European cooperation.

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