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Week of Crisis Management

“The week of the 22nd of May the week of crisis management took place. The Ministries of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations and Justice and Security invited the crisis managers of all six islands to discuss inter-island cooperation before and after a crisis. What followed was a busy week in the Hague with discussions about the BES and CAS, expert presentations, and different outings. Focus went to practical preparations on an operational level.

The week started with presentation of all the different islands on the crisis management situation on the islands. Our strengths but also our weaknesses. The armed forces also presented their hurricane plans and capacity. Later in the week we talked to different public and private (potential) crisis partners. This included a visit to the Dutch Urban Search and Rescue Organization USAR.NL. We discussed how their skillset can be used in a post-hurricane setting.

The week ended with a table-top exercise and a written agreement about what the islands, ministries and crisis partners want to work on at a civil servant level. “

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