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Winner Announced for Hydroponics Farm Naming Contest: 'Saba Grows'

The Hydroponics farm at Rendezvous has found its new name with the creative input of the community. Tim Preston emerged as the winner of the naming contest, with his submission of 'Saba Grows', which captures the essence of the farm's mission and the island's commitment to sustainable agriculture.

A total of nine official submissions were received, with the final selection being made by the Executive Council, in collaboration with the Policy and Project Bureau.

In addition to the grand winner, the second and third place names were awarded to Tom Van't Hof's 'Saba Fresh Farm' and Marie Petit's 'Good to Grow'. All three winners received vouchers from Winair, for their creative contributions.

The purpose of the Hydroponics farm is to reduce the island's reliance on imported vegetables by cultivating our own range of crops. The farm currently focuses on the production of lettuce, microgreens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other essential produce, ensuring a sustainable and locally sourced food supply for the community.

To further collaboration and awareness, the community is invited to participate in another contest to design a logo for the Hydroponics Farm. More information will be provided on the logo design contest at a later date. This additional initiative aims to engage the community further and ensure that the visual identity of the farm reflects the creativity of Saba. The Hydroponics Farm looks forward to the participation of the community for this contest.

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