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WIPM Fraction informs Island Governor on Central Committee and Presidium Appointments

In keeping with the procedures outlined in the Rules of Order for the Island Council of The Public Entity Saba, The WIPM Fraction, on May 17th 2023, informed the Island Governor, in his capacity as Chairman of the Island Council, in a letter about the appointments that would be held by members of the WIPM Fraction in the Central Committee as well as the Presidium.

In the letter, the fraction members, which constitute the majority of the Island Council, informed the Chairman, that Ms. Elsa Peterson, would take up the position as the Chairlady of the Central Committee and that Mr. Rolando Wilson, would be the Vice Chairman of the same committee in her absence. The Central Committee is where discussions on various legislative topics takes place prior to being voted on in the Island Council.

The Chairman was further informed that Mr. Vito Charles, would be the Fraction Leader of the WIPM and would represent the party in the Presidium. Ms. Elsa Peterson has been appointed as the Acting Fraction Leader and will sit in the Presidium when he cannot be present. The presidium is where administrative matters are discussed, as well as decisions made, about which topics will be on the agenda for meetings of The Island Council. The Island Governor, the Registrar and Fraction Leader of the other political party are also present in meetings of the presidium.

Left to right: Rolando Wilson (Vice Chairman of Central Committee), Elsa Peterson (Chairlady of the Central Committee & Acting Fraction Leader), and Vito Charles (Fraction Leader)

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