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World Elderly Day message from Commissioner Wilson

Commissioner of Social Affairs Rolando Wilson took the opportunity to wish all senior citizens a happy World Elderly Day, which is internationally celebrated on Friday, October 1.

This year’s theme for the World Elderly Day is ‘digital equity for all ages.’ “It is basically stating that we, the people have to make sure that even our senior citizens get the tools and knowledge they need in order to be able to participate in this ever changing digital world we are living in,” stated Wilson.

The Commissioner noted that as the years progress, the world will see a bigger population of the elderly. Many families, including the senior citizens, have been isolated during the pandemic. “I therefore want to encourage families of senior citizens to continue supporting them, staying in touch through WhatsApp, FaceTime and any other digital time you have with them. So that even when you are not around, they can also reach out to you or to their friends.”

Staying connected with loved ones. Attending a religious service. Taking a stance. All of these actions and many more are increasingly carried out online, especially as individuals and some families in the community struggle with restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but at least we can protect our senior citizens to remain interactive,” said Wilson.

“Our elderly remain one of the most important groups in our society. They are the founders of all that we are today and we are standing on their shoulders. Therefore take that time to treat them well and to share and gain the knowledge that they have to pass on. They have walked the path before and they are the best ones that can help you on your way. Record their knowledge, their stories now so their information can be passed on to the younger generation,” said Wilson.

“Let us all make that effort in getting equipped as we continue to move forward in this digital age.

To all the care takers, nurses , doctors, advisors , staff and family members: continue to be there for our senior citizens. A big thank you to each one of you for trying in your own way to make them feel loved and appreciated.”

The Commissioner shared a poem by Kelly Roper titled ‘Care for Those Who've Cared for You.’

“Caring for our elders is a privilege, not a burden. To care for those who've cared for us is an honor for certain. So treat them well, take care of them, show kindness and respect. Teach your children how it's done for when it's your turn next.”

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