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World Food Day Bus Service and Parking

The Public Entity Saba will celebrate World Food Day on Saturday, November 25, 2023, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at its hydroponics farm in Rendezvous. The public is invited to attend. There is limited space for the flow of traffic and parking in the area. The PES will, therefore, provide a shuttle service to and from the event to help ensure accessibility and to prevent congestion in the area. The shuttle service will be carried out by Taxi Driver Rodney Swanepoel. The public is encouraged to make use of this service. Please refer to the below schedule for the times of the service provided.

Driving one’s own vehicle to the event is still permitted. We do, however, request that you take some things into consideration when doing so. We encourage the community to engage in carpooling with friends and family members. Please do not park on the premises or near the entrance of the hydroponics farm. Please do not park in the 2 sections on the side of the road where turning around is possible. Keeping these spots open will help with the flow of traffic. Please park your vehicles along the roadside with enough distance from the hydroponics farm to ensure other vehicles are able to pass through and turn around when needed.

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