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Youth Council visits the Ministry of Home Affairs, the 2nd Chamber and UNICEF.

On Wednesday, July 6th, the Youth Council met with Anke Stapels and Jorick Van Erp from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Both gave presentations about the inclusion of the voice of the youth on a national level, which was a follow-up meeting to one earlier in the year. The youth council expressed their wish to be included in the National Youth Council. "It is important to have the right representation of Saba nationally," said Vernisha Robinson.

At the 2nd Chamber in Den Haag, they coincidentally saw Ms. Joba van den Berg, who spoke with the youth council about their role and inception. Then they were welcomed by Ms. Raissa Biekman, policy advisor at the D66 party for Ms. Jorien Wuite. They got a tour and witnessed a procedural meeting of the permanent 2nd chamber committee for Kingdom Relations. Ms. Jorien Wuite had lunch with the group and discussed essential things that are going well and things that the youth of Saba find important. They also discussed the lack of inclusion and systemic racism on a local Saban level and National level, and educational development and access to higher education.

To close the day, UNICEF organized workshops for moms and teens in the afternoon. "The Youth Council is incredibly grateful for this trip and this opportunity, facilitated by UNICEF and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations," said all members of the Saba Youth Council.

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