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Sports on Saba 

Saba is an island of resilient people where an active lifestyle has been a way of life for centuries. However, this might not have always been by choice; being active daily has played a key role in Saban society.

In the last three years, the Commissioner of Sports, Rolando Wilson, and the Department of Public Health and Sports have started to push active lifestyles to the forefront again. Some significant developments took place in the last years, like renovating the sports fields, organizing sports clinics, and helping out sporting foundations with funding or whatever they would need. Also, in 2019, commissioner Wilson signed the 'Caribisch Sport- en preventieakkoord 2019-2022'; this agreement made commitments to increase participation in sports and an active lifestyle on Saba.

As we know, sports and an active lifestyle can lead to better physical and mental health, reducing the risk of obesity, coronary disease, several cancers, diabetes, fear, stress, and depression.

Sports Policy 2022 - 2025

Contact the Department of Public Health & Sports at or  +599 4163311 ext. 314 or 315.

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