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Sports Funding


Annually, there is funding available for sports by the Public Entity Saba. Throughout the year, local sports teams, organizations, schools, and individuals use these funds for travel, new uniform, materials, or prizes, to name a few. To ensure that this process is more accessible, transparent, efficient, and objectively executed, the Department of Public Health and Sports created the Sports Funding Policy and the Sports Funding Request. All Sabans should have an equal opportunity to participate in sports while adequately equipped.


You can submit the funding request on behalf of a team, organization, or individual 3 – 4 weeks in advance.

Sports Funding Policy

Sports Funding Application

Renting Sports Facilities


Saba has three main sports facilities, the Johan Cryuff Court, Princess Juliana's Sports Field, and the Gym in St. John's.


If you'd like to host a sporting event or book one of the facilities for a sporting event, you can do so by sending in a request.

Send in your request to rent one of the facilities in advance.

Please note, you need to request an event permit when hosting events.

Contact the Department of Public Health & Sports at or  +599 4163311 ext. 314 or 315.

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