Working at Public Entity Saba

As a civil servant, the priority and day-to-day tasks are serving the community of Saba and ensuring a positive image of oneself and the organization.


The Island Government of the Public Entity Saba is known for its stability, where people work together on the further development of the island.


Our colleagues work in an array of different fields such as airport, harbor, water management, public works, planning,  waste management & recycling, tourism, community development, public health, agriculture, HRM (personnel affairs), ICT, finance, communication, census, receivers, legal affairs, and various policy areas. In total, there are approximately 193 employees.


Every job description is evaluated at a particular scale, and each scale has 15 steps (tredes), which determines the room for growth within that function. The salary scales (pay grade) are Public Entity's scales. The workweek consists of 39.5 hours, and civil servants are entitled to 23 vacation days a year. The new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) speaks of 36 hours workweek and 21 vacation days a year. This will be implemented soon.


In addition to the salary and vacation allowance, civil servants also receive a year-end bonus, equivalent to an entire month's salary (pro-rated). Employees receive 14 months' pay instead of 12. Government workers are also entitled to child allowance based on RPA BES art. 27 and the possibility for professional development with education or training.


All persons employed by the island government for longer than 6 months pay into the pension fund. Pensioenfonds Caribisch Nederland (PCN) provides the pension for all civil servants of the public entities. For more information about the retirement or being declared unfit for duty, please consult the following site:

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